Clement R. Broughton, author of A Coast Chronicle:
The History of the Prince Henry Hospital, 1881 - 1981 (out of print)

Maylean Cordia, author of: Nurses At Little Bay    A Study of the Lives and Times of Members of the Nursing Profession and the Fortunes of their Training School.   (out of print)

The Prince Henry Hospital of Sydney, previously known as The Coast Hospital, Little Bay, 1881 - 1990" (Prince Henry Trained Nurses Association, 1995)

Nurses’ Notes Recollections of nursing in the 1960s, Prince Henry Hospital, Little Bay. Editor Janette Doust, PhD, published 2015

“Several books have already been written about Sydney’s Prince Henry Hospital, otherwise known as the Coast Hospital, although none of these covered in detail the daily life activities of the nursing staff in a training hospital and their experiences of living in a nurses’ home on the hospital premises, or of their off-duty and holiday periods. In other words, this is a ‘warts and all’ account. Many nursing histories have been written that have only focused on those nurses who have completed their training. The stories of those who did not complete their training have not properly been told. These nurses left their hospital training for various reasons. In this account, we have tried to reflect the reality of the nursing intakes of the 1960s. It was usual for only half to one third of original trainees to complete their studies. We have tried to record the bad experiences as well as the good, the funny as well as the sad in order to give a more rounded perspective of nursing training. By so doing, we have endeavoured to keep the voice of each contributor, which has sometimes involved colloquial language.” extract from the Introduction to:

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