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  • SATURDAY 7 July from 6.30 – 10pm go to EVENTS
    Our next work day is the 3rd July. Come in warm clothes & join us between 9.00/9.30am & 2pm. Bring your lunch & enjoy maintaining the museum & the social contact and have a bit of a chat at lunchtime. Hope to see as many of you as can make it on the day. We would like to meet more people who trained through PHH . Anyone interested in volunteering? We welcome members to join our 'team' of volunteers. Come along, Ailsa.

    The General meetings of the Prince Henry Hospital Trained Nurses Association and NEC Nurses will held 3rd Wed second monthly at 11am in the Nursing and Medical Museum at Little Bay ( old Ward 1 or Ward 18 ).
    Our next General Meeting is in May in the Museum

    Click   Reunion 2017 for reunion images

    Group tours  of the Museum, Nurses War Memorial Chapel, and the hospital precinct can be arranged Monday through Friday by appointment. School groups are welcome if their curriculum supports the history of the hospital and/or health sciences.

  • Available tour times: 10:30am to 12:30pm | 2:00pm to 4:00pm, duration of tour: 2 hours  Admission: Adults $10.00 | School aged children $2.00 | cup of tea $2.00
  • Bookings essential: Contact phone: 0416 235 380 or email: click here to email Museum PHHTNA